We believe conserving our natural resources is important, but we also believe changing behavior is hard.

We do our best to recycle, but there are times when a bottle ends up in the trash. We’re driving a little less and combining shopping trips, but we also own SUVs. We’re committed to saving water, but we’ve left the faucet running while shaving or washing dishes.

We think we’re a lot like you and that’s why we think you’ll love our philosophy for effective conservation. It’s about leveraging technology and innovation instead of behavior change and sacrifice to save our resources and lower our bills. It’s about creating great looking, feeling and performing products that allow you to truly – enjoy more. use less.



We’re an entrepreneurial research and development driven enterprise with a track record of success in the computer and consumer electronics industries. By combining award winning industrial design, engineering and manfacturing with more than 20 years of business development, product marketing and sales expertise, we know what it takes to engineer successful products and businesses.

Industrial Design

Good ideas take shape at Evolve Technologies. Precision form, fit and function melded with innovation and an elegant “wow” factor are the hallmarks of our industrial designs.

Highlighting a proven track record of creativity and industrial design success are numerous awards including the prestigious IDSA Silver Idea Award, three ID Magazine Design Excellence Awards, multiple CES Design & Engineering Innovations Awards as well as the DesignFax FiveStar Product Design Award.

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

The level of mechanical engineering expertise necessary for creating a prototype is one thing, but properly engineering a product for production is quite another. After all, production ready designs must be easily manufacturable and withstand years of user abuse. As a company that designs and develops its own products, Evolve Technologies knows the difference between the two and delivers designs withstanding the tests of time.

Our founders have also overseen some of the most complex electrical engineering challenges imaginable – winning the Best of Comdex, New Technology Award for transporting a computer’s PCI Bus over a high-speed, serialized cable link. The invention revolutionized mobile computing docking, video and storage while forging foundations for today’s PCI Express and Thunderbolt technologies.

Manufacturing & Tooling

Evolve Technologies’ founders have been building products in high quality production facilities for nearly 20 years. Our manufacturing facilities meet or exceed ISO standards and have passed product quality, process and workplace condition audits from some of the largest CE OEM’s and retailers in the US including APC, HP, Costco and Walmart.

Product Marketing & Graphic Design

We know a lot about products – including how to make, market and merchandise them. Our unique blend of analytical and creative skills have enabled us to develop a proven track record of success delivering and executing profitable go to market strategies, creating innovative collateral, packaging and messaging as well as implementing retail store level merchandising and training programs. Throughout the past years our founders have used their vast product marketing expertise to counsel many of the leading brands within the consumer electronics industry including APC, Belkin, iGo, Iomega, Mitsubishi, Targus and Radio Shack.

Business Development

Developing products is our passion, but its impossible to succeed unless you can develop markets too. Throughout the years we’ve leveraged our research-driven, consultative approach to create both consumer and commercial markets while placing products at major retailers such as Ace Hardware, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, Home Depot, QVC and Sam’s Club. We’ve been an OEM supplier to the largest brands in the computing and CE industries including APC, Belkin, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Targus and Toshiba. We’ve also successfully introduced new technologies into the largest ratepayer funded conservation programs in the US.


Our Team

At Evolve Technologies, we cultivate a culture of collaboration. From initial concept to prototyping and testing we include key members from every discipline to insure we are staying true to our original product mission while harnessing the power of creative and diverse minds working together.

Our customers appreciate not only the innovation and performance our products and technologies deliver, but also the expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing our team provides throughout the process.










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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together. - African Proverb


Scottsdale, AZ

Evolve Technologies HQ – Scottsdale, Arizona

There’s no place better than the Sonoran Desert to become continually aware of our planet’s amazing beauty, bounty and balance. Sunsets paint the sky with diffused ribbons of copper, amethyst and gold. Distant rivers transform dry desert valleys into thryving communities, cities and towns. Freezing nights yield to balmy, bright-eyed days. The desert is diverse and its contrasts are continual. It’s the perfect metaphor for – enjoy more. use less.


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