Make your hot water last longer while
cleverly saving thousands
of gallons a year.

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Chelan County PUD has teamed up with Evolve Technologies to give you a great deal on luxury, convenience and comfort-enhancing shower head adapters, shower heads and hand showers.

– More Hot Water For You
– Freedom While You Wait
– Alerts You When Shower Is Ready
– No More Empty Showers Running Endlessly

ShowerStart TSV

This nifty little life-hack forever changes the things that bother you most about your shower.

– No More Waiting Around For Shower To Get Hot
– No More Empty Showers Running Endlessly
– No More Running Out Of Hot Water
– Not Low Flow

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Shower Head + ShowerStart TSV

This shower head’s ShowerStart TSV technology, elegant styling, high-nozzle-count spray face and high-pressure performance lets you enjoy more freedom, comfort and convenience – both before and during your shower.

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Hand Shower + TSV

Enhanced by the freedom, comfort and convenience of its integrated ShowerStart TSV, our hand shower’s clean lines and high pressure spray patterns guarantee a great start to each and every day.

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