ShowerStart, conveniently saves the water and energy used while waiting for the shower to become warm. With ShowerStart, a small thermostatic shut-off valve (TSV) is all that’s needed to save the resources your residents don’t even realize they’re wasting. Better still, conservation occurs without changing shower feel, flow or even their morning routines.

Because it saves the hot water that’s used during the shower warm-up process, rather than taking water away from your residents while they’re showering, ShowerStart is ideal for preserving your profits and property appeal.

ShowerStart, available exclusively in evolve brand shower heads and bathing fixtures, is being adopted by multifamily owners and property managers because of its nonintrusive yet highly effective method of increasing Net Operating Income through reduced utility consumption. It’s also the only solution capable of cost-effectively combating shower-based behavioral waste.

Multifamily Advantages

  • Maintains Luxury Shower Experience – saves water & energy without having to install low flow shower heads
  • Added Convenience – lets residents know the moment their shower is ready and keeps their water warm & waiting
  • Added Comfort – helps hot water last longer
  • No Behavior Changes Required – residents keep their morning routines and ShowerStart automatically conserves for them
  • Easy To Install – it’s as simple as replacing a lightbulb

Behavioral waste occurs when bathers use their time comfortably and efficiently while waiting for hot water to reach the shower. Instead of patiently waiting for cold water to exit the shower head most people leave to do something else.

Typical activities include brushing teeth, using the washroom and picking out clothes. Because bathing only begins after the tasks have been completed, countless gallons of hot water are unintentionally wasted at the start of every shower.


In the summer and fall of 2012 Evolve Technologies conducted a study in conjunction with Southern California Gas and Linc Housing to validate the effectiveness of ShowerStart to simply and effectively reduce hot water consumption in multifamily settings.

The four month study, conducted in 6 units at Linc’s City Gardens property in Santa Ana, CA, with a single function 1.5 gpm shower head + ShowerStart TSV indicated savings in the 30% – 40% range. With a property-wide savings projection of nearly 1.5 million gallons of hot water per year, Linc Housing quickly installed units in all 274 residences.


Get Your Complimentary Water & Energy Savings Report

Evolve Technologies has developed a convenient monitoring system to enable multifamily owners and property managers to accurately identify the return on investment associated with upgrading a property’s shower heads and eliminating behavioral waste. The program is conducted at no cost or obligation to you and results can be obtained in just a few weeks.