Utilities & Weatherization

ShowerStart, conveniently saves the water and energy used while waiting for the shower to become warm. With ShowerStart, a small thermostatic shut-off valve (TSV) is all that’s needed to save the resources most don’t even realize they’re wasting. Better still, conservation occurs without changing shower feel, flow or even your morning routine.

Because it saves the hot water that’s used during the shower warm-up process, ShowerStart’s water and energy conservation is incremental to any savings created by the showerhead itself. In fact, adding a ShowerStart TSV to a low flow showerhead can increase its efficiency by up to 30%.


ShowerStart, available exclusively in evolve brand showerheads and bathing fixtures, receives strong support from utility companies and weatherization programs because it easily adds incremental savings to their conservation efforts. It’s also the only solution capable of cost-effectively combating shower based behavioral waste.

Utility & Weatherization Benefits

  • Incremental Savings – simply and cost effectively brings new water and energy savings to conservation & weatherization programs.
  • Expands Markets – increases user acceptance and persistence of low flow showerheads.
  • Meaningful Non-Utility Benefits – adds convenience to user’s morning routine without reducing flow while they’re actually showering.

Behavioral waste occurs when bathers use their time comfortably and efficiently while waiting for hot water to reach the shower. Instead of patiently waiting for cold water to exit the showerhead most people leave to do something else.

Typical activities include brushing teeth, using the washroom and picking out clothes. Because bathing only begins after the tasks have been completed, countless gallons of hot water are unintentionally wasted at the start of every shower.


The most widely used measures in today’s conservation initiatives fall within the FORCED CHANGE category. These measures achieve savings by altering the user’s experience.

The typical low flow showerhead is a great example of a FORCED CHANGE measure because it makes the user save by taking away water while they’re showering. It’s an experience many are not willing to accept on a long term basis. As a result, FORCED CHANGE measures typically suffer from low product persistence and high user resistance.

Meaningful long-term savings and high customer satisfaction can be achieved by focusing on measures in the NO CHANGE category. These types of measures, such as the ShowerStart TSV, leverage technology and innovation to reduce consumption without the need for an altered experience or behavior change. By unobtrusively targeting behavioral waste, NO CHANGE measures not only conserve meaningful amounts of water and energy, they also provide utility customers an array of non-utility benefits.