Form, Function, Fantastic

Revive your combination tub/shower enclosure with this forward thinking tub spout and shower head system to enjoy the definitive fusion of comfort, convenience and conservation.

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Keep Your Routine –
Save Your Hot Water

The system’s integrated ShowerStart Thermostatic Shut-off Valve (TSV) allows you to effortlessly save the hot water and energy that’s used while waiting for your shower to become warm. It also lets you know when your shower’s ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Wait Less / Waste Less

Because the system warms your shower by first running water through the tub spout, you’ll greatly reduces warm-up waits. Not only will your hot water arrive up to 2X faster, but the increased velocity actually decreases the volume of cold water that must be purged before hot water arrives – by up to 50%.








A Welcome Diversion

By automatically sending hot water to the showerhead once it arrives the system eliminates waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time to pull the diverter pin. This tub spout has the clout to know when the water’s hot and magically sends it on its way.



Stop Looking at Leaks

Ever look down while showering and see water running out of the tub spout? That’s a leak and, on average, it wastes nearly a gallon of hot water per minute. Our tub spout’s design prevents tub spout leaks and directs hot water where you’ll want it most – your shower head.





The Trickle Tells

Because it trickles by default, the system’s shower head let’s you know the moment your shower’s warm – without wasting hot water while you’re away. When you’re ready to step in the shower, simply pull the shower head’s cord to begin normal flow and start showering.



Bath Time

For those times when you’d prefer a bath instead of a shower, simply push the lever to bypass the AUTO-DIVERT and allow the warm water flow to fill the tub.