What is the History of ShowerStart & ShowerStart Technology?

ShowerStart? LLC?s water and energy saving technology, ShowerStart Technology?, has been commercially available since 2006. The technology initially launched as a standalone adapter positioned between a shower head and a shower arm. The product was called ShowerStart. Subsequently the company developed and launched the second generation of ShowerStart Technology in 2007. This iteration was designed for integration within a shower head and was launched as a line of shower heads as well as a standalone shower head adapter under a new brand, evolve?. Today all ShowerStart LLC products are sold under the company?s evolve brand. To date more than 500,000 units have been sold. The overwhelming majority have been installed within utility conservation and weatherization programs throughout the western U.S.

Is this just another low flow shower head?

ANSWER: In and of itself, ShowerStart Technology does not restrict shower head pressure or flow and delivers savings incremental to the efficiencies of low flow shower heads. Rather than reducing flow while showering, ShowerStart Technology saves the energy-filled warm and hot water that?s wasted (behavioral waste) during the shower warm-up process. ShowerStart Technology has two distinct applications:

  • It can be used as a stand-alone device (ShowerStart? Adapter) to provide meaningful water and energy savings for people
  • who do not desire a low-flow showerhead.
  • It can be paired with low flow shower heads to increase their efficiencies by up to 33%.

What?s the showering process once ShowerStart Technology is installed?

ANSWER: Showering with ShowerStart Technology is simple and convenient. Users are able to save water, and the energy used to heat it, without changing their behavior or in-shower experience. Now they can continue their typical routine of undertaking activities while waiting for the shower to become warm without accidentally wasting hot water once it arrives.
The process of showering with ShowerStart Technology installed is as follows:

  • Turn shower on. Once 95 F water arrives, flow is automatically reduced to a trickle.
  • Pull the unit?s lanyard to bypass the trickle and resume normal shower head flow.
  • Check water temperature and begin showering. Unit automatically resets for the next shower.

Does ShowerStart Technology warm the water?

ANSWER: ShowerStart Technology does not warm the water. The hot water heater does the heating and ShowerStart Technology? acts as the showerhead?s brains by monitoring the water temperature and automatically reducing the flow to a trickle as soon as near-bathing-temperature (95 F) water arrives.

Does the use of ShowerStart Technology increase the risk of scalding?

ANSWER: ShowerStart LLC has conducted testing to determine the impact of ShowerStart Technology on water temperatures high enough to quickly scald bathers.Testing consisted of monitoring, recording and comparing the showering temperatures of a 1.5 gpm WaterSense certified shower head with and without ShowerStart Technology. The following fixed parameters were used:

  • Water heater set point of 140 F
  • ½ in. copper plumbing-run of 31 ft. 7 in.
  • Ambient air temp of 65 F
  • Shower turned to full-hot upon start up
  • Temps measured 18 in. from showerhead
  • User enters shower after 150 sec.

The 31 ft. 7 in. plumbing run was derived from data presented by Oak Ridge National Lab in its 2004 ?Evaluation of Residential Hot Water Distribution Systems by Numeric Simulation? paper. The calculation considers cold water purge times for clustered events as well as completely cold draws and assumes a weighting of 10% new construction and 90% existing homes. The run holds 1.67 gallons of water.