Trouble shooting the ShowerStart TSV

Things to check if your showerhead won’t resume normal flow.

Try pulling the cord.

The water may have already been warm or someone may have recently taken a shower. Either of these events may have placed the ShowerStart TSV in trickle mode. If this has happened:

1. Turn the shower on – the water should be trickling out of the showerhead.

2. Pull the cord to resume normal flow.


A washer may be blocking the water’s flow.

Sometimes a rubber washer from your previous showerhead may have accidentally remained attached to your shower pipe during installation of your ShowerStart TSV or evolve showerhead. It’s presence will prevent water from flowing to your showerhead.

clear valve - no blockage1. Remove your evolve showerhead or ShowerStart TSV and check the valve by inspecting the end that connects to the shower pipe.

2. If the valve is clear you will see a set of circular holes creating a flower pattern around a copper stem (pictured right).

3. If the valve is blocked, remove the obstruction and reinstall your ShowerSart TSV or evolve showerhead.


Your static water pressure may be below 30 psi.

Low pressures are common in large buildings with many floors or if your water supply comes from a private well. The ShowerStart TSV requires static water pressures of at least 30 psi to function properly. If you suspect this is causing your issue please contact Evolve Technologies for further assistance. We have a specialized version of the ShowerStart TSV for low pressure environments.