Easy Install Delivers Big Water & Energy Savings

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Easy Install Delivers Big Water & Energy Savings

Evolve Technologies is an innovative product design and development company dedicated to helping people enjoy more and use less. You know our products are easy and efficient, did you realize installing them is too?


ShowerStart TSV - As Simple As Screwing In A Light Bulb

Our ShowerStart TSV install is fast and tool free. If you can screw in a lightbulb you can deploy ShowerStart. It takes about two minutes. No plumber necessary.

 ShowerStart TSV3 User's Guide And Installation Instructions


Auto Diverting Tub Spout System - You Can Do It Too

The Auto Diverting Tub Spout System is a little more difficult to install, but with our support you'll be up and running quickly. A trained individual (no prior plumbing experience required) can install the system in just about 7 minutes. In fact, many apartment buildings, hotels and other commercial properties have their on-site maintenance staff perform the installation. 

How do we train you? We've made that easy too.

  • Installation Videos
  • On-Site Training & Installation Support
    (available for multifamily, hospitality and commercial customers)

Auto Diverting Tub Spout System Installation Guides:

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