Efficiency Kits For Cost Effective Sustainability

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Efficiency Kits For Cost Effective Sustainability

Multifamily Residents Care, Show Them You Do Too

Recent multifamily research conducted by AMLI Residential indicates 80% of respondents believe living in a "green" apartment is beneficial to their health, and Millennials were the generation most inclined to pay more for green features followed by Gen X, Gen Z and then Baby Boomers. 

Clearly, today's apartment dwellers desire efficiency.  But how do you deliver it cost effectively, and in a way that heightens your property's commitment to its residents and our environment?


Evolve Multifamily Efficiency Kits - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our multifamily efficiency kits are a great way to actively engage with your residents while lowering the capital costs of your sustainability initiatives.Containing multiple resident-installable items packaged into a box along with a custom branded greeting and installation instructions, kits are the housewarming gift that keeps on giving - to you and your residents too. You can even target particular residents where you know your investment delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

Evolve's multifamily kits are great because they:

  • include comfort & convenience enhancing efficiency products 
  • offer easy-to-install items (ShowerStart TSV, shower heads, aerators)
  • minimize community exposure to viruses & illnesses (residents, not maintenance staff, install the items)
  • increase property Net Operating Income by reducing water & energy costs
  • lower residents utility bills
  • innovatively build your brand equity with residents
  • increase goodwill between management staff and residents
  • make ideal welcome and housewarming gifts

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