Utility Branded Marketplace Services

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Utility Branded Marketplace Services

You have choices in selecting an E-commerce program partner for online sales and customer engagement. Choose Evolve to experience a meaningful difference.

As a trusted designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative water and energy efficiency products, Evolve Technologies is uniquely poised to provide superior value through our utility branded online stores and fulfillment services. Simply put, working directly with Evolve for your E-commerce efficiency program needs eliminates the retail middleman to:

  • Speed program set-up and delivery
  • Improve efficiency program cost effectiveness
  • Provide deeper customer discounts and product savings
  • Deliver stronger program performance (conversion rates and product persistence)


    Evolve creates online marketplaces that not only look good, they’ll deliver results. Why? We’re the designer, developer and manufacturer of the core products we promote. That means we’re know-it-alls (but, in a really good way). We intimately understand what your customers value in water-based energy efficiency products and how to speak to their needs. And trust us they don’t want to hear about low-flow or efficient showerheads. They want to hear about comfort, convenience and a better start to their day. They want more hot water, faster hot water and high-pressure showerhead feel.

    And that’s where our ShowerStart Technology comes into play. It’s the water and energy savings “calling card” that makes mornings better by saving hot water (water and energy) without impacting shower feel or flow.


    ShowerStart E-commerce water and energy efficiency marketplaces are custom branded and built to your unique program requirements.

    Although they feature ShowerStart based shower adapters, shower heads, hand showers and auto diverting tub spout systems, additional measures such as LED lightbulbs, Kitchen Faucet Aerators, Bathroom Faucet Aerators and Smart Power Strips are readily available.


    It’s the core custom branded ShowerStart store you’ll appreciate, and your customers will love. Your ShowerStart Marketplace features:

    • One Stop Shop Experience -
      design, development, custom branding, marketing, fulfillment, customer service and reporting
    • Generous Evolve-Funded Rebates -
      discounts up to 40% on water and energy efficiency products containing ShowerStart Technology
    • Comprehensive Fulfillment Services-
      high-quality, pick, pack and ship services provided by Evolve

    Temporarily boost sales to hit your internal kWh or Therm program projections, explore ratepayer interest in new measures, increase customer satisfaction or test incentive cost effectiveness.

    • Rebate/Incentive Stacking
      add utility incentives to Evolve funded rebates to maximize discounts and lower customer costs further


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